Launching a B2B fit tech brand that is changing the way gyms deliver personal fitness.

Minimum Viable Brand (MVB)
Web & Digital
"I have been continually impressed with BRICK’s attention to detail and creativity. Meticulously balancing our company’s core focuses of ethics, technology and exercise science, they have amazed me with their designs and marketing acuity."
Jess Shanahan – CTO

Created by personal trainers for personal trainers, VOR’s advanced, adaptive AI engine uses principles from astrophysics to solve the unique problems of scale and accessibility in the fitness space.

The team behind VOR have years of on-the-floor experience as personal trainers. Which means they understand the problems facing trainers and gyms, from quality control to trainer support, and have used cutting edge technology to create a new standard in the way businesses in the health and fitness space deliver personal fitness.

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The branding challenge for us was that the company  needed to stand out in both the over-crowded frantic fitness market, and the ‘too-cool-for-school’ world of start-up tech - but still feel associated with them.

VOR (the norse goddess of wisdom) was chosen because it was simple, clear, memorable and ‘sounded cool’ (which is actually the main thing with names). On a deeper level, the name references the company’s Swedish tech roots and their ethical approach to AI.

Visually the brand is as simple and strong as it’s name - giving fitness and tech vibes in stand out ‘VOR blue’.

A lead font that feels straight out of the fitness world intentionally clashes functional tech-first ms.dos secondary font.

The ‘Adaptive O’ device helps us visually marry together the world’s of the gym and the scientific theory behind their product - and showcase VOR’s ability to adapt its product to the unique needs of it’s clients.

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