Good question

We’re an experienced bunch of marketing misfits who aren’t afraid to get excited about new ideas, and about the chance to build the leading brands of the future.

Founded in startups

As a co-founder and non-executive director of an invested startup herself, our CEO Frankie knows first-hand that traditional marketing, and old ways of working, doesn’t work for innovators.

Having been through all the pressures, challenges and milestones that are constant features in the life of a growing business, she realised the need for an agency designed to fit around them – and convinced some of the best creatives, operators and strategists to join her.

Grounded in marketing

Our team is built of experienced marketing industry experts, who have created award-winning work for some of the world’s biggest brands. But it was their work with small businesses, innovators and incubators that they found the most creative, rewarding and exciting – where problems were solved with creativity and clever insight, not with endless amounts of cash.

We’re also founders, creators and educators outside the marketing world and it’s this hunger to innovate and bring fresh perspectives to our work with brands that glues us proudly together as Team Brick.

We believe that great brands don’t have to break budgets

If there’s one thing that really unites us, it’s the belief that building a great brand shouldn’t cost the GDP of a small country. We believe that modern tools, bags of experience, and good old-fashioned creative thinking can take any business – on any budget – to exciting, unexpected and, importantly, effective places.

We call it making work that works.  And we’re excited about it.


We’re built to work around our clients’ needs, and we respect their restrictions, budgets and targets. And we work the right way: with nothing but respect for each other and all our partners.


We’re open with everyone we work with, always – when you have a shared goal, it’s the quickest way to get there. If there’s something to improve, we’ll say so. And we’ll make a plan to do it ASAP.


If you’re an innovator, you need a marketing partner who’s truly on your side – who cares about your mission and targets just as much as you do. We don’t just work for our clients, we’re in partnership with them.


We make work that works. On brief, on time, and on budget. Our goal isn’t to drag out the billable hours, it’s to get you where you need to go, and then go again.


The whole reason we’re here it because we thought things needed to change. So if something needs doing differently, that’s how we’ll do it. And above all, we’re driven by constantly delivering results.


When we talk about being creative, we don’t just mean all the nice design and fun words we do. (Although we definitely do those, and we’re proud of it). We also mean true creative thinking: solving problems in innovative ways. It’s at the root of everything we do.