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Milo Nesbitt
April 9, 2024
Hi, we're BRICK. A creative partner to UK startups, scaleups and innovators. We create brands and take new products to market.

Travels of the Brick hat

At BRICK, we wear a lot of hats. So when the time came to make some merch, we knew what had to be done.

For our last Christmas party, fondly known as BRICKMAS, we made some actual ones, brand colours and all. Who doesn’t love a bit of wearable merch? 

And so far in 2024, the BRICK hat has turned into a real globetrotter. It’s already followed our CEO Frankie to Vermont, kept our Creative Director Gemma warm in Iceland, and accompanied our Client Partnerships Manager Chloe to Japan. Lots of cold weather, as you can see. Let’s see if it ever makes it to a beach. 


Where next for the BRICK hat? My money is on the Paris Olympics.

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