Web & Digital

High-performing websites without the dev weight

Your website is key to your sales and marketing success. And we’re out to prove that an effective, high-performing website doesn’t have to be painful to build and manage.

With modern tools and the right expertise, we work in agile sprints to make sure your site grows with you and minimise development time. From the look, feel and tone of your site, to the nitty-gritty of attracting and converting visitors, we can take care of your entire online presence.

Websites, the BRICK way

Agile Websites

We apply agile product development principles to website builds, working in sprints and launching new pages and functions that grow with you. We design sites to require as little ongoing development as possible, so you can stay flexible and evolve yours as needed without overspend.

UX & Design

Standout sites support standout brands. We work with you to strike the right balance between form and function, ensuring your site facilitates the user journey while building in those magic moments where you can engage and build brand equity with your audience.

Dev & Tech Stacks

We can help you design the right digital tech stack for maximum efficiency in your sales and marketing funnel, guided by your website’s functionality requirements and your revenue operations tools. Our development partners are experienced in all major CMS platforms, including Wordpress, Webflow and Shopify.

Landing Pages

Landing pages on their own can be surprisingly effective, especially for new brands or campaigns. If you need something lean, quick and useful for short-term goals, we can create an effective landing page for you.

Health Management

Every website needs good technical supervision as it grows. We’ll do this for you: actioning any errors in the background, flagging drops or spikes in traffic, maintaining backlinks to build domain authority and making changes as needed to boost your search ranking.


Getting lots of traffic, but not much traction? You might have a conversion problem. We can get that conversion rate up with strategic UX changes and ideas to build in more compelling actions.

Your idea deserves a standout brand.
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Take it from our clients...

"Wonderfully energetic and relentlessly creative. It’s rare to meet people with so much passion for what they do, but also the skills, ability and drive to deliver time and time again."

Marco Fiori, Managing Director

"Your team's ability to pivot alongside us is exceptional. You have a talented team, but your problem-solving approach, and 'yes we can' attitude are what sets you apart."

Jane Doran, VP Marketing

"Brick brought a mix of science, art, imagination and strategy to our company’s strategic marketing objectives."

"This is bang on. Thanks for all of the stretch work you have done as well, loving the ‘join the movement’ section, extremely helpful."

Katie McIntyre, Commercial Director

"Consistently smashed our targets month after month, turning us into a recognised and respected brand."

Rob Williams, Sales Manager