Early Stage Venture

High-ROI services for lean budgets

The hardest time for founders is the early stage. The company's future rides on your ability to sell your product and vision, to investors and customers alike.

We know budgets are super-lean at this point, so we’ve designed highly focused services with huge upside to support you in the areas that make the most difference, and propel you to the next stage of your growth.

brick agency early stage venture marketing

Early stage venture support, the BRICK way

Value Proposition

We’ll find the right language to properly articulate the value of your product, down to a series of key statements, messages and ‘elevator pitches’. We’ll discover the right tone for your audience, making sure the words we use bring your vision to life – and sell it hard.

Pitch Decks

The best pitch decks tell a powerful story. We’ll help you take your market data and insights to craft the right narrative, turning your pitch deck into an invaluable asset.

Ad Testing

The test-and-learn model is critical for early-stage ventures – and not just when it comes to product. Running ads to test your product messaging or gain insights into customer acquisition costs can make a world of difference before you scale. We can target any audience with any message, so if you need to test your product-market fit and back up (or debunk) any assumptions you’ve made, this service is ideal.

Profile Raising (PR)

PR can make or break a round of fundraising. We'll design a tactical plan that puts you and your company on the map and increases your chances of raising that all-important cash. Once you’ve closed, we’ll find the most effective ways to capitalise on the momentum in startup, business and trade media.

Minimum Viable Branding (MVB)

Think Minimum Viable Product, but for your brand. When you have few resources to spend, you just need a suite of essentials to do justice to your vision and ambition. MVB is lean as a brand can come, but built on the right foundations to grow further down the line.

Budget Intelligence

We provide insight on the media cost of reaching your audience and top of search in your market. This is hugely useful for forecasting and budgeting at the point of raising capital.

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Take it from our clients...

"Wonderfully energetic and relentlessly creative. It’s rare to meet people with so much passion for what they do, but also the skills, ability and drive to deliver time and time again."

Marco Fiori, Managing Director

"Your team's ability to pivot alongside us is exceptional. You have a talented team, but your problem-solving approach, and 'yes we can' attitude are what sets you apart."

Jane Doran, VP Marketing

"Brick brought a mix of science, art, imagination and strategy to our company’s strategic marketing objectives."

"This is bang on. Thanks for all of the stretch work you have done as well, loving the ‘join the movement’ section, extremely helpful."

Katie McIntyre, Commercial Director

"Consistently smashed our targets month after month, turning us into a recognised and respected brand."

Rob Williams, Sales Manager