A blended PR, content and advertising service. For when it's time to go to market.

Ambitious, lean businesses need simplicity, efficiency and a can-do spirit from their marketing partner. So we've developed a seamless marketing model that takes you from A to B by this time next year.

Our proactive style and creative know-how means we can anticipate and solve your biggest marketing and sales challenges. And we’re used to the pivots that come with innovation, so no problem or change of direction fazes us.

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Activation, the BRICK way


Strategy is only helpful if it's actionable. That's why we deliver strategy in motion: clear, informed plans that allow us to test and learn what works for your brand, and build on these insights over time.


In the attention economy, creative and engaging content is essential for any brand to connect with its audience. Our strategists will identify the right conversations and platforms for you, and our creatives will make sure you cut through the noise.

PR & Comms

Getting people to talk about you is PR's whole game. We’ll identify key media outlets, partners and influencers to target, work with you to develop messaging points and narratives, and secure coverage that exposes you and your product to the right people.


The search engine is the digital high street. If you're not visible in search, you won't win in your space. We combine creative, technical and analytical expertise to increase your visibility across both organic and paid search.


If the right people see it, and get it, then they will buy it. With original concepts plus eye-catching copy and design, we make ads that consumers will find impossible to ignore, whether on-screen or IRL.


An original, targeted and well-executed campaign can take your brand reputation and revenue to the next level. Whatever your budget and goals, we'll find creative ways to get you noticed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? What's your activation engagement model?

After lots of testing and learning, we've landed on an engagement model that works brilliantly for scaleups. Here's the lowdown:

We work with budgets from £5K-£20K per month, plus media spend. At every budget level, you get access to strategy, creative thinking and high-quality execution. We're a well-oiled content production and PR machine, with effective shorthand, bags of experience, and all the tools and skills needed to grow your brand. We can work directly with founders or marketing heads.

Our retainers start with a "getting to know each other" period for the first three months, where you can cancel anytime. You can kick off anytime too, and scale up hours as you need.

After the first three months, you have two options: to commit to a 12 month retainer for a reduced monthly fee. Or keep the monthly retainer rolling.  

A 12-month partnership enables us to make a plan to get you from A to B by this time next year. We think about your short- and mid-term growth, not just what will work in the next 90 days. No more flash-in-the-pan ideas; we're in it, with you, for the long haul.

What input do you need from me? 

Our aim is to keep comms focused and action-oriented. We know that your time is precious and we keep that in mind during the process.

Once we're up and running, we usually have a weekly call to organise priorities, and a monthly report call to get into the details. Quarterly, we'll do a deep dive with you. If you need to pivot,  things change, or we need to talk things out, then we're all yours to discuss. For day-to-day comms, we're a Slack house.

Can you work with my in-house marketing team? 

Yes – it would be our pleasure! We're designed to be agile, and we often act as an extension of an in-house marketing team to supplementing your existing skills.

Do you charge for 'billable hours'?

We set a budget with you, up front, for a blended team rate. You'll be billed the same each month, with no hidden surprises. Each week, we make sure our priorities are still right, and switch things around as needed. Super simple.

If we think you'd benefit from increasing your marketing budget, we'll tell you and you can make the decision that works for your business.

What if I want to cancel? 

During the first three months, you can cancel at anytime. And if you keep a rolling contract, you still have that option available.

When it comes to longer-term partnerships, we've never had a client cancel for performance issues, but rest assured that if it came to that, you're covered contractually.

Do I need contingency budget?

Keeping a 10% contingency budget behind is always a good thing. You want to be able to take advantage of opportunities as they come up – for example, travel costs to take part in a TV interview, or getting some printed assets for an IRL stunt.

What media/ad spend do I need to budget for?

We'll calculate the estimated cost of reaching your audience via ads when we start working together. When it comes to digital ads on platforms like Google, Meta or LinkedIn, audience access can scale with your budget, so you can start small and build up over time. If you want to run above- or through-the-line campaigns, invest in OOH media or sponsorships, we'll calculate these on a case by case basis in line with your goals.

Note that your ad budget is extra to your retainer with us, and you'll pay the platform or media owner directly.

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Take it from our clients...

"Wonderfully energetic and relentlessly creative. It’s rare to meet people with so much passion for what they do, but also the skills, ability and drive to deliver time and time again."

Marco Fiori, Managing Director

"Your team's ability to pivot alongside us is exceptional. You have a talented team, but your problem-solving approach, and 'yes we can' attitude are what sets you apart."

Jane Doran, VP Marketing

"Brick brought a mix of science, art, imagination and strategy to our company’s strategic marketing objectives."

"This is bang on. Thanks for all of the stretch work you have done as well, loving the ‘join the movement’ section, extremely helpful."

Katie McIntyre, Commercial Director

"Consistently smashed our targets month after month, turning us into a recognised and respected brand."

Rob Williams, Sales Manager